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Who needs a Career Check?

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If there is one very essential thing in this part of the world that people hardly give the needed attention to, I think it is having a periodic medical check. I am as guilty as anyone as far as this is concerned and I am certain you are as well. I have never initiated a visit to the hospital just to submit myself for a routine medical examination.  Not when I am hale and hearty? Never!

Why should I do that? What would make me leave the numerous activities I need to attend to just to be subjected to a poke here and a prick there by a man in white? Why go through all the stress when ‘I dey kampe’? Wouldn’t it be ideal to seek medical treatment only when a health challenge arises rather than pre-empt what I think may never occur? Afterall, what you do not know won’t kill you? Right?!

This sounds like the thought of a man who does not understand the value of periodic medical check. One question that I am trying to find an answer to is why people don’t embrace this despite the consequences?

Is it for lack of funds? Perhaps. But how much would it really cost compared to trying to cure a disease that could have been prevented? Moreover, most organisations now have medical insurance for their employees and in many cases; periodic medical check is covered. I will therefore not conclude that people don’t embrace it because of lack of fund.

May be it is lack to time. I do not think it is waiting time at the hospital that should lead to avoidance of medical check all together especially as appointments can be booked. Again, isn’t it beneficial to exercise patience in undergoing a medical check early than being a ‘forced’ patient when the body breaks down?

Sure it must be religious faith then. Many may consider it a lack of faith in divine health to run a check. If our various religions made provision for healing, I think that suggests that things could indeed go wrong. Checking before things get out of hand would not be lack of faith then but some level of wisdom.

My finding is that many people have applied the mentality that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to the issue of health. Many things may be allowed to break before being fixed but not something like one’s health. Apart from the possibility that one may not be alive to tell the story of the break, it could make one totally incapable of being useful again or made to live with the psychological torment of having a terminal issue.

Closely related to health is the approach many of us take to our career. It is therefore not surprising that carrying out a career check is totally strange to many people. The same “don’t fix until broke” approach is being applied to career management. In terms of consequences, the only major difference between medical and career check is that violation of the former could directly result to physical death. Every other consequences of not carrying out a medical check could be inferred for career check

It is important to think about and tend to your career on a regular basis; it should never be left till there is a problem. Feeling good about the state of your career is crucial to being engaged in your work. In additional to that, conducting a career check delivers the following benefits;

  • You are able to detect risk factors that could affect your career progress
  • You identify areas where your career could be threatened
  • Regular career check ensures a consistent career growth and development
  • You take ownership of your career
  • You will have an understanding of what truly motivates you
  • Restores energy into your career
  • Helps you identify tips to improve your market value
  • Remind you of some of your key strengths and skills
  • You will be exposed to current career truths and how best to manage them
  • When you own your career management, you would hardly be negatively affected in economic down times.

I would infer from the statement credited to Mahatma Ghandi that “the future depends on what you do today” to conclude that knowing the current state of your career helps you predict the future of your career. Career check is not to be neglected, it is as vital as health check.

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is a Professional Human Resource Leader , Career Counsellor & Capability Trainer, who helps individuals and organisations work from their position of strength. He is the Principal Partner at Career Edge Limited, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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