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What A Christian Employee Should Know About Loss of Job

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Janet (not real name) is a fervent Christian who is devoted to serving God with all her substances. She used to work in the financial sector where she would always attest to God’s grace as her mainstay.

At the time when she most needed the income from her job, having waited for some years for the fruit of the womb and now pregnant, plus the fact that her husband was out of job, her employer pulled the rug from under her feet. She became jobless

Things were very difficult and according to her testimony, that period was the most trying times of her life in which she would cry all night long and asked if God truly loved her. In the midst of this, she trusted God, assuring herself that God would never forsake her.

The situation lingered for a while and gradually the story began to change. Now she has a business where the income is more than the salary income and she has some free time to do other things.

Many times we think God has forsaken us not knowing that He is building us for the greater works He wants us to do.

God is not interested in the destination but the journey because it is in the journey that faith is expressed and character is built. God always look for people He can entrust with resources and their character is most important to Him. Character is built through test and we have to go through the test and pass them to be able to handle what God plans for us.

While the destination is determined from the beginning, the journey can be missed if the map is not followed. God has a map for the journey of our lives and it is in our following the plan that we experience His care. Our trust in God at all times is what makes us follow the plan though it may seem the plan is not working as we expect.

Even if we miss the plan, God in His faithfulness still guides us back as long as we have not put our trust in any other god. It works like our satellite navigation system where when you miss a turn, the navigation system reprograms itself from where you are to take you to the chosen destination.

Our trust in Him is what guarantees our place in His scheme for our lives. God says His thought towards us are of good and not evil to give us an expected end. The loss of job is not the end of our lives as Christian Employees, it is only a change of season and God is there to guide us to our next season. If for any reason we lose our job having been dutiful, let us not mourn but trust God to guide us into the next phase of our lives. It may be tough but let us trust that God always has a plan. God gives you instruction on the steps to take definitely, He tells you what new skills you need to learn, how to repackage yourself, who to ask for what help but He will never encourage you to wait and do nothing. This is where sometimes we get it wrong, when we claim we are trusting God but what we are actually doing is waiting for nothing.

God cares so much for us that He said He will never leave us nor forsake us. He said to us that He has called us to bear fruit but He also said we should trust in Him and lean not on our own understanding. Planting I guess precedes bearing fruit and there are many activities that go into planting. When you are out of job, you must be active while trusting God because it is in the process that you will begin to experience God’s help beyond your thought. Zero multiplied by anything will always be zero, in other words, grace does not multiply indolence.

God bless you.

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is a Professional Human Resource Leader , Career Counsellor & Capability Trainer, who helps individuals and organisations work from their position of strength. He is the Principal Partner at Career Edge Limited, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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