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Inspired Daily | The journey of becoming a success

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It was my first year in the university in 2001, and I had a friend, my roommate for that year, who was fond of echoing the words of some famous persons.

He hardly made more than three sentences, even during friendly chats, without quoting Martin Luther King Jr., Zig Ziglar, Thomas Edison, Margaret Thatcher or any other person of that calibre.

For instance, one day we were discussing our experiences in our first few months on campus. We talked about how tough it had been keeping pace with lecturers, combining academics and social life on campus and avoiding ‘the bad guys’, then my friend interrupted the flow with: “Martin Luther King Jr. said, if a man hasn’t discovered something that he can die for, he isn’t fit to live,” and the conversation went on rather  awkwardly.

I left that conversation really wondering what that quote meant, particularly in the context of our discussion. I mean, what did discovering something to die for have to do with the next lecture, or the good grades that we sought or did he mean that getting good grades was worth dying for? Is it that he wanted us to embrace our academic pursuit with a fatal passion? Unfortunately for me, and the other three guys, my friend did not explain that quote or the others.

I concluded that it is either he was more interested in impressing us with the proceeds of his investment of time and money in inspirational books and biographies, or he was too engrossed in his world to realise that we didn’t get it.

However, he succeeded in pushing me to study more, both my school work and inspirational resources.

As the years went by, I discovered that though my friend had many of these inspiring quotes stored in his memory and could recite dozens of them; his life did not reflect the lessons embedded in them. His academic performance was average, his attitude to work and management of time and money was not clearly exemplary, neither did he have accomplishments to show for it.

His was a case of a doctor whose prescription has failed to cure his disease. When I confronted him with this disparity between what his words and his deeds, my friend said he was “in the process of becoming” what he says, and I believed him.

After meeting many other people in their own ‘process of becoming’, and seeing that they shared similar characteristics with my friend, I decided to write a book titled: Inspired Daily.

The truth is that we all are becoming something that we are not today. It is either you are progressing or regressing. You cannot be like this tomorrow and the choice is yours to make today.

No matter how old or big a dog grows, it would never become a lion. It is only a cub that can grow into a lion. Age or size does not matter; it is the nature – the mentality – that matters.

Nobody suddenly becomes effective and purposeful in life. One can only get there by firm determination and brutal effort. That is what people who are “still becoming,” people strive to do every day.

The book, which was my first in print, is part of my own effort in ‘the process of becoming’ and it is meant to challenge you to take steps of your own.

Mind you, you are already becoming what you will be; a lion or a dog. If you have consciously decided to succeed in life, then you are in the process of becoming a success. On the contrary, if you only wish to succeed, or you are nonchalant, believing that ‘what will be will be’, then you are already becoming a failure.

This is your chance for a U-turn.

My book, Inspired Daily, is divided into 30 chapters, representing the days of a month. For each day, there is a quote, a brief explanation of the quote extracting the principles; an assignment; related scriptures; a page for you to write what you have learnt in your own words; a page to outline your decisions and targets; and two pages for capturing ideas in notes and sketches.

It is also divided into 3 parts, each part covering 10 days. At the end of each of the first two parts there are review questions for answer. They are meant to help you monitor your progress. At the end of the 30 days there is general review of what you have learnt; analysis of your decisions; and a template to help you draw up a plan and make commitment towards sustaining the new habits you have form over the 30-day experience.

I guarantee that the book can help you to form the habits necessary for effective and productive living, only if you will use it appropriately; one per day.

In the light of this, I will share the content of Inspired Daily, one each for the next 30 days. I hope you will learn something new each and also take a new action each day.

Welcome to  journey of becoming a success daily.

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