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How to face workplace challenges victoriously

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A young man once gave an account of how he was accosted by some existing members of a team he had just joined in his organisation, who asked him to cooperate with them in the heinous deeds of pilfering from the organisation.

He talked about how he was threatened when he stated his position that as a Christian he would not indulge in such. He said he asked God for help and in a short while, the gang leader was redeployed to another team. This is a sweet story of a Christian employee but it is not usually this easy many times when we face workplace challenges such as this.

I have come across people who were left with no choice but to resign from their jobs because they didn’t want to compromise their faith. Being a Christian does not exempt us from very tempting workplace challenges, rather, we are exposed the more because we are a threat to prevailing darkness. It is not every time, that in a short while, the challenges will be overcome like the preceding story, some other time, it could draw more than we can handle alone from us.

Many times, when these challenges come we give in, succumbing to external pressures, submitting to instant gratification or pleasure and in the process soiling our white garments.

We must however not be ignorant that there is no challenge that God has not given us grace to overcome if we know what to do. God is interested in building our characters so that we can be better people to serve Him in the strategic positions He wants to take us where we can influence decisions that impact generations. The challenges we face are therefore like the examinations school children write to be promoted to the next level. Passing the examination requires a disciplined approach in preparation. We may not pass God’s examination and still be promoted to a high level of authority, the truth is the individual has not been prepared to stand for righteousness and would likely make people ridicule Christianity when he/she begins to misbehave.

How then do we face our challenges to be able to stand tall and be ready to uphold the truth in all righteousness at our places of work? Here are four things to do.

  1. Understand that God is in charge and He is doing things in His own way: God sees what you cannot see in the challenge and we must be able to trust Him all the way. People compromise because they do not accept that God is in charge and put their trust in Him. Many times people give in because of what they think they will lose by not compromising or gain by compromising forgetting that God is their source while the job is only one of the means God can use to bless them. In Exodus 13: 17 & 18, God took the Israelite through a longer route to their promised land though there was a shorter route and this was because He had seen the danger that was ahead and He knew they didn’t have the fortitude to withstand it. If we can acknowledge God in our challenges, then He will take us through the best route to victory though it might seem that we are losing out at the initial stage.
  2. Lay Aside Every Weight: Covetousness, envy, entitlement mind-set, patronising attitude are some of the weight we must learn to lay aside in our quest for victory over workplace challenges that threatens our faith.
  3. Maintain a positive thought life: The law of dominant thought says that we are always moving in the direction of our currently dominant thought. We must watch what we think about if we would be victorious over challenges. Let us bear in mind that you do not overcome a thought by trying to stop it, but by shifting your thought to something better. Our minds are always filled with thought but we must always learn to lead it to whatever is true (Philippians 4:8)
  4. In all things, give thanks: Thanksgiving builds a mind-set of victory even in the face of challenges. This is because God is your strength (Habakkuk 3: 17-19) and He is at work though it might appear He has deserted you (Isaiah 49: 14-16).

Remember that God builds us through the challenges we face but He never leaves us to be conquered by those challenges. We must learn to trust Him to lead us through to victory so that we can become true ambassadors.

God bless you.

This article is a part of Christian Employee Series

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