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How to Balance Wheel of your Life

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Life is in cycles, and every personal brand is multifaceted. To be a successful global brand, you need to maintain a positive balance in all relevant aspects of your life.

The eight sectors in the wheel of life (diagram above) are different areas of your life which fall into one of three parts of man’s tripartite nature. Man is a spirit with a soul that is enclosed with a body.

The wheel of life is an exercise targeted at helping us to evaluate and to rate the different areas of our lives in order to create balance. It is expected of you as a brand to maintain a positive balance in all the areas of our lives to be truly successful.

After evaluation, steps should then be taken to work on areas that are found wanting. Most times in our lives, we tend to focus more on some areas of our lives while other areas are suffering. For example, many people tend to focus more on wealth accumulation at the detriment of their health. At the end of the day, the accumulated wealth is now expended on their health after a lot of havoc has been done just because of negligence.

While climbing up the stairs of progress in our lives, wisdom demands that we constantly take stock of our state by looking holistically into each aspect of it.  We are going to quickly run through the process.


  1. Get a jotter and write out the above eight (8) different aspects of your life represented in the 8 sectors on the life wheel. i.e.:

Spiritual life               _________

Health                        _________

Fun and Recreation _________

Relationships            _________

Personal Growth      _________

Career & Business   _________

Family & Romance  _________

Finances/Wealth     _________

  1. Look vividly into each area and candidly rate your level of satisfaction. What will you score yourself where you are now against what your ideal expectation? Score yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest score (Not Satisfied), while 10 being the highest score (highly satisfied) Fill them into the blank spaces above.
  2. Now, draw the diagram below on your jotter (or make a printout/photocopy of this) and plot to connect the lines to form an inner wheel. This is an overview of balance in your life. Don’t forget that this is a personal assessment, and you must be truthful at least to yourself. It is not about having the highest score but about having a smoother ride. Just imagine, if the shape of your wheel is real while driving your car, how smooth/bumpy will the ride be?
  3. What areas are you ready to make adjustments? Note them and write them on your jotter.
  4. Write down in your jotter the answer to the following: What will you do? When? How?
  5. Write out steps to achieve your set goals. Make sure every goal you set is SMART. i.e. S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Realistic and T – Time-Bound
  6. Start right away. Begin to take positive steps. Don’t forget, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.”
  7. Be accountable to yourself and/or anybody you can trust to help you during your positive change process.
  8. Regularly appraise yourself by going back to start the whole process from step one to see how smooth your life wheel diagram looks.
  9. After achieving a balanced wheel, keep maintaining an overall improvement on your brand’s life wheel. If for example, you have been able to achieve level 7 in all areas of your life, keep working at making an overall improvement to achieve level 8 across all areas of your life until you become the best. Even at the peak, you have to make sure you are constantly working towards maintaining the peak level.
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