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How to accumulate sustainable wealth by Brian Tracy

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This write-up by Brian Tracy teaches profound lessons on how through the application of the Law of Accumulation people can consistently advance towards their goals.

Be it wealth, health, loving relationships, accomplishments, meaning or fulfilment in life, you should pause and consider this catchphrase deeply:

‘The little things mean the most.’

World renowned speaker and success coach, Brian Tracy relates with this common catchphrase and wants you to consider this statement which encapsulates one of the greatest success principles of all:

‘Everything great and worthwhile in human life is an accumulation of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny efforts and sacrifices that nobody ever sees or appreciates.’

Brian Tracy writes:

Imagine a snowball that starts very small and grows as it gathers momentum, adding millions and millions of tiny snowflakes. There are 3 areas where the Law of Accumulation helps you…

Area 1: Your Knowledge
Any person with a large knowledge base has spent thousands of hours building it one piece at a time. When you accumulate such know-how, you are viewed as an expert in your field — and it’s that high level of knowledge that will make you extremely valuable in the marketplace.

Area 2: Your Experience
Successful people in any field are those who have far more experience in that field than the average person. Whether it’s in business or entrepreneurship, management or parenting, selling or anything else, there is nothing that replaces experience. Nothing. But many people don’t take the necessary risks to move out of their comfort zone and gain that experience because they’re afraid it won’t work out.

Area 3: Your Money
Every large fortune is an accumulation of hundreds of thousands of small amounts of money. The best place to start is to take any amount of money that you can right now and begin to save it and invest. When you begin to save money or invest, it sets up a force field of energy and it triggers the Law of Attraction. As a result, you begin to attract even more money. I’ve spoken to many successful people and they’ve all told me the same story — as soon as you start to put savings aside and start investing, it starts to attract into your life and work all the money that you need to achieve your goals.

Every little thing counts. Use your time well.
Until you move out of your comfort zone and accumulate the knowledge and experience you get from trying new things and making mistakes, it’s not possible for you to grow and become capable of accumulating the kind of money that you desire.

Now here’s the key to the Law of Accumulation: everything that you do counts. The biggest mistake that people make is they think that only what they want to count, counts. That when you read a book, listen to an audio program, go to a course, go to bed early, it all counts towards your ledger. However, when you watch TV, waste time, hang out, fool around and so on, all of that counts as well, but negatively.

A person who has a great life is a person who has accumulated far more credits than debits. If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals. In life, you’re either moving forward or you’re moving backward. Nothing is neutral. Everything counts.

Get started today.

Surely, today is the day to start. If had started a couple of years ago, you would have made significant progress on your path towards accomplishing your biggest life goals. But you didn’t start years ago.

If you don’t want to keep regretting in a few years from now, please do what you can to start today.

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