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How Small Business Can Create Engaging Blog

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Content has its ‘special’ place in all we do, be it in marketing, advertising, PR or whatever we do for money. The earlier a small business realizes that an engaging blog is key to sustainable online brand awareness, lead generation and increased conversions, the better it is.

This is it.

You can sure run a successful business without a blog promoting it. And you can run a very successful marketing campaign (both offline and online) without a functional business blog.

BUT, after your campaign is done, you have to keep investing in getting more traffic and getting found via search in order to get steady inflow of leads that can become customers. So, social media and PPC ads are pretty much your viable options.

Social media and Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns can be very expensive. And if you are so lucky to be romancing stiff competition in your market, you will soon get to a point where you will realize that getting found in organic search is good for health. *winks*

Really, at the heart of getting found in organic search is an engaging business blog that you can tie to your business objectives at any point in time.

How on this fast-and-furious earth can you create a blog for your small business?

I have made it simple.

You could have a bowl of palp and kilishi while you meditate on this.

Three things are critically involved in creating a blog for a small business. I am talking about a business blog that will increase awareness and brand visibility online, increase web traffic, get you more leads, and help you convert more customers at cheaper rate than conventional advertising.

These are what you must put in place to create and run an engaging blog for small business:

  • Purpose of the blog -identify what business objectives you will achieve with the blog
  • Benefits to readers –outline what readers will benefit from your business blog
  • Content Pillars –state topic or content ideas that can add value to audience and will help you achieve your business objectives at the same time.

Here we go!

Blogging for small business without a documented strategy is like touring without map or guide. You will go places, but you won’t know where exactly you are and how to reach where you set out to go in the first place.

This means you should have these ideas well-laid out on paper. They will serve as guide along the way. Content creation, publishing and promotion can get you lost in the middle of nowhere, if you don’t have a clear direction. Trust me!

Purpose of Your Business Blog

Attracting the right audience

Blogging for small business helps you attract the kind of audience you want, inasmuch as you consider a particular audience segment while planning the each piece of content.

Let’s you usually have many leads but few conversions, you could make findings into why they are not buying despite they have shown interest. Then, create content that addresses their concerns.

Another instance is if you have processes that are a bit complicated, you could create detailed how-to blog post, video or infographics to demystify the bottleneck.

Getting Attention of Influencers

Influencers are required to spread your content to wider audience. That is given!

You could create content that quotes, references or mentions influencers in order to get their attention fast-fast.


Benefits of Business Blog to Readers

Answer FAQ for Your Business or Industry

Answering questions relating your business or industry makes you a fixer. Everyone loves a fixer, don’t you?

Update Audience with New Topics (trends or tips).

While planning how to create a blog for small business, consider how you can provide latest news, updates, and various views of industry leaders as they happen. Always having fresh authentic content consistently is great for building followership.

It is hard to grow followership if you are not consistent. Do you agree?

Entertain audience/provoke opinion sharing

This is a twin piece of advice from me. Entertaining content works across all businesses, regardless of scope, size or age. The same thing goes to opinion-driven content.

Comedians are great content marketers, in case you do not know. Use some humor in your content.

Why are comedians great content marketers?

Comedians squeeze humour out of everyday happenings. The level of creativity used by successful comedians will challenge you to go extra mile to create original content for your target audience.

Create association with other brands.

Individuals win matches, teams win championships. On this note, I want to remind you that you should plan to partner with other brands for your small business blog.

When you partner with other businesses to create content, all parties leverage on the pool of audiences available on all sides. Brands that are not in direct competition with yours or complementary products will make great partnership regarding blog for small business

Content Pillars for Blog for Small Business

These are 10 sweet sweet content/topic ideas that a small business can create blog posts around:

  • Industry news and updates
  • Frequently Asked Question
  • Research, insights and data from experiments
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Survey outcomes (chart, diagrams, infographics)
  • User reviews or feedback or complaints
  • Opinions of industry thought leaders
  • Expert roundups on common problems
  • Latest Trends in the market
  • Topics on forums, questions on Quora, Facebook/LinkedIn group discussions

(These SEO tools for small business will help you with keyword research and optimizing your content for better performance in search)

These ideas and actions are what I have worked around in recent time to help small businesses increase brand awareness, online visibility, lead generation, convert and engage more customers with portable budget

Use the comment box please. Let me know what you have for and against creating a blog for small business. Maybe you have tried it but it did not work. Kindly share your experience.

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