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Growing your Business on Facebook

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The norm in our local community today when it comes to how we go about our day to day business activities has to take a paradigm shift or better still a new and effective functional prototype or model. These are very changing times and so is the dynamics of how people carryout business activities have also metamorphose, all thanks to the digital revolution.

The business routine in our community today, is “majority of businesses/entrepreneur spend more of their attention and energy on traditional marketing (the usual physical buying and selling model) which on its own, for some, this is their only business model and strategy.”

My point is the way people buy and sell today has drastically change. in a nutshell, your customers are predominantly online, on mobile devices and they are very social (Social Media Network). Be you are a trader or an artisan, you always have an already made market online.

If a business can skillfully sell a common commodity like cassava flakes popularly known as “garri” on the internet and they are making a very good fortune from it and also the joy of growing their customer base with very little resource, I don’t see why you should not tap into the digital space in specifies social media in taking your business to its desired height and also grow a profitable return on investment (ROI) so as your business not to be in quagmire.

I will be giving out some indelible statistics and practical tips on how you can grow your business on social media today.

The world’s population is pegged at around 7.4 billion people today with a staggering over 3.4 billion of this metrics are active users of the internet with Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) gulping a staggering 2.8 billion active users today.  Facebook alone has over 1.7 billion users today. If Facebook is a country today, it will be the second most populous nation on earth after China. That is how popular and powerful the internet and indeed social media have become.

I will be focusing on Facebook, simply because it’s one of the fastest and also notable platforms where you can sell your brand or business or create a political campaign to a broader and even more targeted audience that can be effective, precise, measured and definitely improve your return on investment (ROI).

Here, I will guide you on three (3) proven growth process, you have to undergo in order to grow and sell your business/brand on Facebook. Remember when it comes to social media platform like Facebook, there is always an audience/market to sell or market your product or service or run your campaign.

  1. Brand Awareness: The goal here is viral marketing, nobody want to do business with your brand if they don’t know what your brand is all about. Its synonymous to your traditional style of business where by you print fliers, give potential clients business cards, display billboard all for the cause of making your business/brand ring a bell. Brands like Jumia, Konga, Shoprite etc. had to introduce themselves to us emotionally and even psychologically before we decide to be a part of what they have to offer and automatically became their customers as well as brand evangelist.

here are some tips on how to build your brand awareness on Facebook.

  • A branded Facebook Page
  • The use of Hash Tags (#) to promote your product or brand.
  • The use of the Mention tag (@) (avoid spamming).
  • The use of Facebook carousel or video technology
  • Social Media Scheduling Tools.
  1. Brand Engagement: The goal here is interactivity, your potential customers are now curious to associate with your brand and what it has to offer. Here are some tips on how to engage and build on your brand awareness.
  • Come up with meaningful and engaging content (Content/Product Marketing)
  • Build a great feedback mechanism (create a rapport between you and your potential customers)
  • Improve your Online Reputation Management techniques
  1. Goal Conversion: This is where you seal the deal. The goal here is to turn potential and new customers into paying customers. Some simple principles here include;
  • Provide Call to Action (let customers know the necessary steps to take)
  • Have a landing page (e.g. a website).
  • Provide discount or giveaways
  • A great Feedback Mechanism.

These are the three-road map to grow your business on Facebook. In the next article, I will throw more light on these roadmaps in more details, with the emphasis on creating a professional Facebook page.



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