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Finding Your Soulmate: A Simple Guide for Women

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Love is a tricky thing and our hearts continue to play games with us, especially when we do not know who we want or need. Sometimes we might mistake lust for love but there is a difference between them.

Love is a strong feeling you have for someone or something that encompasses protection and closeness, focusing on the love you share in a romantic relationship. This also involves sexual desires. Whilst lust is purely sexual attraction associated with the person’s physical appearance but lacks other components of love.

Your soulmate should be someone with whom you have a deep or natural affinity. This involves a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. The more your connection grows deeper with such person, the more you doubt the other love experiences you had with other people.

It’s funny how your soulmate might not be your future husband or wife. That is how tricky love can be. Just in case you are looking for your soulmate or confirming whether you have come across them in your past. This is a simple guide:

  • You have to meet a certain level of confidence in yourself because you don’t want to be sending the wrong vibes with a lot of insecurities. you must love yourself one way or the other, it’s the only way to welcome someone’s love into your life.


  • We all know that envy is one of man’s greatest weaknesses. Envying another’s relationship is really unhealthy and can present you as a negative person because you definitely won’t be celebrating such a person’s relationship.
  • You have to be sure of what exactly you want in a relationship; your past relationships might have taught you a lesson or two on what you want in life. Use those lessons, let them guide you. You just might bump into your prince charming.
  • Once you set your goals in a relationship, push forward to achieve the goal. You might like an ambitious man that has no future plans or goals. It’s just going to be another failed relationship because you won’t be satisfied.

Source: The Grio

  • Patience is a virtue. When you have a specification and you don’t get to meet the certain specification within a month or two, that is not a reason to give up. You have to push for what you want till you get it. The truth about the matter is, if you don’t strive or fight for what you want then you are going to settle with what you don’t want. Don’t give up.

  • Be sure to release positive energy only. When you share positive energy, you get positive energy. The law of attraction applies here; like attracts like therefore positive energy attracts positive energy. This will cause an easy and smooth build of relationship. It would further make it easy to filter negative vibes.



  • In order to attract a serious-minded man, you need to put yourself in the position of seriousness.  You can only attract the crowd you put yourself in. If you want an ambitious man, you should have plans for the future. If you get into such relationship without your independent plans, you may cause lose yourself. More so, looking for a serious relationship means you have to upgrade that ‘single you’ to a ‘partnered and married you’ therefore you potentials will be seen.


  • The last but not the least guide is; to always be yourself no matter what because whoever you meet must be someone that

    would fall in love with you.  All parts of you, no matter your shade of emotions or personalities, that perfect person will be comfortable with you. Pretence is the last thing you need to put up in a relationship. Be true to yourself and the right partner will come your way.


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Faiza Omokri is a university graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass communication. She is in love with the concept of Love and Life. With a side skill in beauty she hopes to connect with the world; words from her heart and beyond.


  1. Love is beautiful, love is magical,love comes with so much responsibilities, the sensation of being in love is epic…your tips are great💯 & I pray I find my soulmate someday

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