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7 Steps to Deploying Your Personal Brand

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Brand deployment is all about putting your brand to use. defines deployment as the methodical procedure of introducing an activity, process, program, or system to all applicable areas of an organisation.

Brand deployment can therefore be defined as the methodical procedure of introducing your brand to your targets. In the case of an organization, it is the systematic procedure of introducing your brand values, style, and strategy to all applicable parts of your internal and external targets.

Your targets are your clients, customers, fans, and beneficiaries of your brand. In the case of a corporate brand, this includes your staff (internal targets), and clients (external targets). An individual/personal brand’s internal targets are his/her family members, close relatives and friends, while the external targets are his/her existing and prospective fans.

When you deploy your brand, you are launching it into the deep; you are demonstrating your uniqueness, and taking practical steps to manifest your brand beauty. To deploy your brand:

  1. Target Your Market

By now, you should have discovered your personal brand. You know the qualities and characteristics that make you genuine and passionate; the next step in the personal branding process is to identify your target market.

Do your research. Learn the needs, behaviors and desires of your existing and future clients. Don’t count on just what you assume they think but get to know what they actually think. Identifying your target market will help you to focus your abilities and skills in the best way possible, to deploy your brand, and achieve your desired goal.

  1. Activate Your Brand

In deploying your brand, brand activation has to be employed. The process of making a brand well known and loved by clients/fans using various synchronized platforms is called brand activation. Brandbase blog defines ‘Brand Activation’ as the seamless integration of all available communication means in a creative platform in order to activate consumers.

The book ‘Acts of the Apostle’ in the Bible was written by Luke, a physician, because the apostles were acting on the instructions given to them by their Master, Jesus Christ. They all used their various gifting in alignment with the Great Commission, which is a global assignment. We need to activate our brand. Brand Activation focuses on integrated activities that bring brands to life, as well as inspires positive involvement. The involvements could be digitally or physically.

At the end of the day, a well-organized brand activation process will eventually deliver noticeable and reciprocally favorable value to all concerned – fans, clients, and brands.

  1. Protect Your Brand

As you deploy your brand, it is highly important that you decisively put in place measures to protect it. Over the ages, a city/nation that is well built and rapidly developing are known to always have adequate security systems in place. In ancient times, great cities have well-built walls and towers, and well trained massive warriors/armies to protect its resources. The noble and rich ones build castles and fortresses on Islands or mountain tops to protect their wealth. Brand competitors and adversaries are inevitable, and are out there to destroy your reputation via brand abuse, trademark infringement incidents, and counterfeiting.

When your brand is online, make sure you have a plan to secure it against phishing attacks, web traffic diversions, website integrity issues, defamatory discussions and other fraudulent or unauthorized online activity. You may have to  engage the assistance of brand protection agencies prevent you from suffering from lost revenue, a damaged brand, ineffective channels to market, lower margins and, most important of all, confused and unhappy clients/fans.

It is imperative that you strive to stop the infringers, now. Make sure you invest in acquiring the knowledge and understanding of your brand protection. You can read books, use brand protection agencies, and attend security conferences/workshops.

  1. Recognise Times and Seasons

Earlier, in developing our brand, we talked about mastering the law of observation. It is very crucial that we learn to recognize the times and seasons in our brand’s lifetime. Every brand has a timeline, which includes the time of conception, birth, infancy, youth (development and maturity), adult, and extinction. Depending on the brand, the lifespan of a brand could be in months, weeks, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, or eternal.

One of the things that will determine the duration of a brand’s existence is the ability to recognize the brand’s times and seasons. Sometimes the seasons of a brand could be like a rollercoaster. Things are up for some time, down at some point, and then a rise-fall-rise. We therefore need to be so observant to determine lines of actions to take. The man Joseph in the Bible was made the prime minister of Egypt which was a world power then, just because he was able to decode the times and seasons.

With keen insight into the mind of Divinity, he was able to interpret the dreams of King Pharaoh, and recommend a timely strategy. The strategy ensured the preservation of Egypt’s economy.

  1. Build Trust and Credibility Over Time

While deploying your brand, do not ever forget to make sure that everything that is being done is building the trust of your clients and fans in your brand. Make sure that your brand’s credibility is impeccable. Make sure you deliver at your brand promises. Ensure that your deliveries always meet-up with required expectations. Strive to get to a stage whereby you go an extra mile in your provisions to your clients and fans.

  1. Be Consistent in Delivering Excellence

Your excellence must be predictable. What can people guaranty about you when you show up? What do you do so consistently right that people can put their money on you? Your brand is going to be built on consistency. Coca-Cola is consistent. It has the same taste anywhere you see it across the globe. The CocaCola brand name was valued at $76B some years back.

  1. Brand Yourself Online

What will be typed on Google search that will bring your name? We are in a digital age. There is a great necessity to have and manage an outstanding online identity.  The virtual world is growing at a phenomenal rate every day. This calls for the URGENT need to equip ourselves with adequate and positive online branding knowledge.

According to, more than a billion names are Googled every day. What people see about you when your name is Googled, therefore goes a long way in their decision-making about who you are and whether to do business with you or not. I recently created a profile on, a free DIY product that makes it easy for anyone to improve their own search results.

I was really impressed with their services in helping brands to manage and protect their online reputation. With the result that I have personally seen, I will like to recommend the use of this free service for your online branding and reputation management. BrandYourself helps you promote your personal brand in all the right places, Control Your Google Results, bury unwanted or irrelevant results with positive ones.

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