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5 key elements of being influential at work

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As Christian employees, we often need to remind ourselves that we have a godly assignment -reconciling men to God. Unfortunately, Christianity is continuously being threatened primarily by misrepresenting it as what it is not. This is a major challenge because the misrepresentation that is so much giving the negative perception is not coming from non-Christians, but those who claim to be Christians.

This is why many unbelievers are averse to listening to the gospel. When someone is accused of doing a bad thing, you hear statements like “and he calls himself a Christian”, ‘all this so called Pastor”. In some quarters, pastoring is conceived as a disguise for extorting people. These many wrong perceptions created by the unruly activities of some Christians is making the penetration of the gospel in the hearts of unbelievers very challenging.

As Christian employees, we however have immense opportunities to win many souls for Christ in our war front, the workplace.

While it is easier for non-believers to disregard messages they hear on the air, or from some other sources based on pre conceived notions, as colleagues, bosses and subordinates, we have the prospects to tell them the truth and for them to change their ways because of the influence we have on them.

This influence is however not the type that comes from your job title or position or power, but the type that people willingly allow you to have over them. This type of influence helps us sway people’s thought, perception and values and eventually their behavior to that which is godly.

Where then does this type of influence come from? The following are five sources of influence at work that we can leverage to turn people’s heart to Christ;

  1. Competence: Your ability to consistently deliver expected result effectively and efficiently, the pursuit of excellence in what you do, going beyond the call of duty to deliver result are some of the descriptions of competence. Unfortunately, to be competent seems to be an antithetical parallelism among many Christian Employee. The nature of my job requires that I interview many people and I can easily tell when someone is a Christian during a conversation. I would have assumed that being a Christian should be equal to being competent because of what the Christian Manual says (Please see Colossians 3:23, Eccl 9:10 & Proverbs 22:29), but unfortunately the reverse is usually the case. I hear people with a spirit of entitlement expecting so much from their organisations when they are in actual sense not giving much. Is it not sowing and reaping that we read in the bible? How come people work with the mindset of reaping and sowing?

If we understand our assignment very well and we know that the traditional ways of winning souls are being polluted, then we should do everything possible to be competent in our work because it confers influence.

Think about the influence Daniel had in Babylon based on his competence such that the King commanded that only Daniel’s God shall be worshipped. Do you think Joseph would have had the ear of Pharaoh if he had done a poor job? We all need to up our competency game.

  1. Character: It is not enough to be competent, as Bruce Lee said, “knowledge will give power, but character respect”. Character has to do with how we treat other people and that is why Jesus never stopped having people thronging after Him to listen to Him.

Jesus promised not to leave us comfortless, but to send us the Holy Spirit. We understand that the godly characters demonstrated by Jesus are also those classified as the fruit of the Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We have a mandate to exhibit these characters but this doesn’t come without a personal relationship with Jesus. This personal relationship is the only guaranty that we are being transformed daily to be conformed to the image of Christ so that exhibiting these characters become a lifestyle and not a struggle.

We need to keep asking ourselves consciously that ‘what would Jesus do’ if He was in our work situation to keep building godly characters. The beauty of constantly building and demonstrating godly characters is that it confers on us real authority, impact, and influence. With these, when we speak the truth about Christ, unbelievers listen because they see through our genuineness and they are more easily disposed to receiving the truth and discard all unfounded belief they have about Christianity and Jesus.

This is a great weapon in our hands but can we stand the character test?

We all need to rise up to the occasion as we will be required to give account of how well we have used our talents when the Master comes calling.

I will discuss the last three sources of influence next week Sunday.

Till then, be influential!

God bless.

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